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Jherek Carnelian
  • Männlich
  • Bochum. NRW
  • Deutschland

Jherek Carnelians Freunde

  • Frank von Dampfkessel 1967
  • Sir Robin zu Dampfross
  • Klarissa van Velsen
  • Roptiker Holz
  • Eusebius van den Boom
  • Cyrille Pécuchet
  • Captain Mike Patrick Appelton
  • Annabelle Rosenherz
  • Lucy Luckyfellow
  • Jones Silversmith
  • Viktoria vom Waldesrand
  • Rtm. Graf v. Sensburg-Neumark
  • Lola Wellington
  • Andrew Wyke-Regis, esq.
  • Lady Patricia of Wansley Manor

Willkommen, Jherek Carnelian!


Michael Moorcock Dancers at the end of time, Elric series, Corum series, Hawkmoon series. The city in the autumn stars... and oodles of others.
William Kotzwinkles delicious Fata Morgana.
Gerald Susters The Devils Maze.
Perfume by Süsskind
Anything by Douglas Adams
God is not great by (the now sadly deceased and impossible to replace) Christopher Hitchins
Oh dear ...much too much to tell. Absolutely the best band as far as I am concerned, and greatly underrated, is the British band XTC. Lyrical wordplay with a quirky englishness. Delightful!
The Beatles(naturally as I am from the same town and great port of Liverpool).
The Doors and all things psychedelic
The 13 floor elevators, the electric prunes, the small faces etc.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and, indeed, anything by Mr. Gilliam. Certainly Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with the wonderous acting talents of Mr. Depp.
American beauty. Into the wild.
Et cetera...
I myself: like to write short stories (and soemtimes longer ones), enjoy painting in a surrealistic style, play guitar and other instruments and sing (sometimes punishing unexpecting peoples who wander into venues where I am performing with my cacophony)(you can hear the horrid results on youtube under FERKINSKIN), I am a trainer for Wing Chun Kung Fu and keen on the art of defence with and against weapons, practice the dark art of nervous sleep induction otherwise known as Hypnosis, am a trained Physiotherapist working with neurological and orthopaedic patients, like to partake in photography, read....amongst other things.

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Um 11:48am am 7. Februar 2012 sagte Philomena Farnsworth...

Herzlich Willkommen an Bord. Ich wünsche eine gute Reise und interessante Gespräche.

Mit den besten Grüßen,

Philomena Farnsworth 


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